Tower Services

  • Complete Tower Erection ( Guyed, Monopoles, Self Supporting and Stealth)
  • Tower Modifications 
  • Welding
  • Foundation Modifications
  • Plumb and Tension
  • Guy Wire Replacement and Treatments
  • Tower Painting and Corrosion Treatment
  • Tower De-Commissioning

Tower Lighting System ( Installation, Repairs, Upgrades)

  • Red Light Incandescent, LED
  • Strobe ( Medium/High Intensity) 
  • Strobe LED ( Medium, Duel White-Red, High Intensity)

Antenna and Lines

ITI installs, trouble shoots and upgrades a wide variety of Antennas and Transmission Lines Systems for Network and Broadcast Clients:


  • Microwave
  • DAS ( inside and outside plant)
  • Small Cell
  • Wireless Meshing (inside and outside plant)
  • Wireless Internet, Access Points
  • Broadband, WIFI, 
  • Trunk Radio
  • Satellite ( Fix and Mobile up to 10 meters)

Transmission Lines:

  • Coaxial, Air Dielectric, Elliptical Waveguide
  • Rigid Transmission Line
  • Cat-Fiber 

Additional Services:

ITI provides a wide range of Network and Site Services:

  • BTS, Radio and RF equipment installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • RF Testing ( Antenna and line sweeps)
  • Site De-Commissioning
  • Ground Systems ( Ring, AM, Building, Tower) and Testing
  • Turnkey Site Construction 
  • Project Management
  • Building Setting
  • DC Power System ( UPS battery backup system)
  • Platform and Structural Steel Installation
  • Tower Structural Mapping
  • Tower Antenna/Line Mapping to include site Audits
  • Third Party inspections and repairs.
  • Lightning Protection Systems for Towers, Structures and Buildings.

For Tall Tower and Additional Services Please Refer to the Broadcast Section of this site:

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