What happens when your communications site, building or facility goes down due to a power outage, hurricane or other disaster? Do you have the proper power back up to keep systems up and running for a long duration? Back up Generators have to be refueled. What happens if there is no fuel to power the generator for your systems?

UPS Battery Power Systems

UPS Battery back up systems, 48 and 24 volt supply systems are ideal for short term power outages.


  • Complete power consumption audit of your present and future system requirements
  • Design and power system acquisition ( we do not represent a single source which give us the ability to match the best system for your budget)
  • System will be expandable for future needs
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Maintenance Contracts to keep your system ready for when it is needed.
  • Alternative clean energy hybrid charging systems with an additional battery bank that can switch over for charging providing a constant power source until the main power source come back on line.

Solar Power Systems

Solar Powered Systems provide an alternative to run your facility either as the primary or backup power source.

Solar Power is the preference when the cost or unavailability of a primary grid power source is not available or too far away. 

All Solar Power Systems use a battery backup system to store the energy during daylight periods and provide power during night or low sun days.

The disadvantage to these systems is the area needed for the panels to be able to supply the required power for a facility. New advances in technology and more efficient panels are overcoming these issues. 

New stealth designs are allowing solar panels to be installed in areas that would not normally allow them.


  • Site and facility power consumption evaluation to determine critical equipment that has to be online at all times.
  • Design, planning, clients budget and equipment acquisition based on budget and critical needs
  • Installation, testing and maintenance of the primary or backup power system
  • Monitoring systems are available to let you know the status of your power or backup system at all times.

Wind Power Systems

Wind power is the use of air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators for electricity. Wind power, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, and uses little land. The net effects on the environment are far less problematic than those of nonrenewable power sources. (Source Wikipedia)

Wind Turbines can power from a simple home, factories, buildings or cities. The Wind Power System may be set up as the primary with the ability to switch to the main power grid, battery, solar or generator for a backup system during the time of low wind or unfavorable weather conditions. Wind Power Systems can also be part of the back up power system for charging batteries or become the main power source.


  • Site evaluation of power consumption requirements of a facility and equipment
  • Modeling to see if wind and land space are sufficient for the correct system(s)
  • Planning, budget and equipment acquisition (based on budget)
  • Vendor selection and qualifications
  • Planning, installation, testing and commissioning
  • Monitoring systems are available to let you know the status of your power or backup system at all times.
  • Maintenance

Fuel Cell Systems

A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through an electrochemical reaction of hydrogen fuel with oxygen or another oxidising agent. Fuel cells are different from batteries in requiring a continuous source of fuel and oxygen to sustain the chemical reaction, whereas in a battery the chemical energy comes from chemicals already present in the battery. Fuel cells can produce electricity continuously for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied. (Source Wikipedia) 
There are several types of fuel cells such as hydrogen, direct methanol and natural gas. Fuel cells are costly and the technology is still developing. As with all technologies they have their place in special situations and the prices are coming down as technology advances along with demand.
ITI can evaluate your current power or backup power needs to determine if a Fuel Cell Power Systems is the correct solution for your needs.


With the larger demand on the present power grids and the movement towards greener energy systems, ITI can design and build a scalable green power solution for your main or backup power situation.

Often the solution will be a combination of these technologies. 

Please contact us to discuss your power requirements or for a review of your current or future power system needs.

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